Global Fulfillment

Good Spend Intelligence

Buyers, procurement professionals, CFO’s and business owners today are under increasing pressure to identify and deliver savings, increase efficiency, enhance operational control, and track organization-wide spending.  Procurement is based on existing supplier relationships, how well you can source products, and availability.  All a challenging task for many large organizations – and made it difficult to control costs.

Mamco Global fulfillment is our solution to help procurement executives to better understand and manage their purchasing departments.  We provide a purchasing expert to work at your facility with your procurement executives to audit and review purchasing habits, suppliers, and costs.   We will provide your company with a detailed list of where we can save you money on your purchases.  Our fee is 50% of the savings you receive on each purchase we recommend.  We will provide daily spend recommendations per item purchased domestic and international.  We will provide prices, terms, and landed costs for items we can save your company money.

Global fulfillment allows companies to improve sourcing decisions and lower purchasing costs.