The science, art, and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming.   Mamco supplies many well known Ag businesses with a variety of products, including  heavy duty farm equipment, Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) assets, Canning equipment, and Raw Material requirements.

Farm Equipment

Mamco offers Farm tools such as Hand and Power Tools, Hay Bailers to power tillers, and harvesting equipment.   Our product lines include the Briggs and Stratton engine line which offers a variety of Ag applications.


We are a supplier of a wide range of industrial maintenance products from industry leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Canning Industry

Our product line includes Pneumatic Scale Angeles, a world leader with the most advanced filling, capping, labeling, seaming, and centrifuge technologies for the canning industry.

Filling equipment

Pneumatic Scale Angelus has a comprehensive selection of liquid and dry filling equipment for the pharmaceutical, personal care, household, food and beverage industries.

Caps & Containers

Pneumatic Scale Angelus’ rotary cappers are versatile and repeatable, capable of providing consistent torques and handling a variety of caps and containers, and a large selection of sorters to accommodate your specific cap and speed requirements.

Labeling Lines

Labelers for any roll-through application.  They offer speeds up to 800 cans per minute, along with the ability to replenish labels without stopping production.

Beverage & Food Seamers

Can seamers and can closing machines designed to meet the specific canning and seaming equipment needs of food and beverage processors.


Biotechnology, Healthcare, Industrial applications, and Agricultural separations.

Raw Materials

We offer specialty and commodity Agricultural Raw Materials to meet all required specifications.