Metals & Mining

Where Mamco Can Help

Mamco metals and mining experts deliver detailed market knowledge and the latest updates in operational safety regulations, as well as short- and long-term global and regional forecasts to help you:

  • Mitigate risk: terrorism, economic, political, compliance
    and sustainability
  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency
  • Drive growth by identifying new opportunities and new markets
  • Access forecasts for price, supply, demand, emissions, economies, risks, and regulatory developments

Offering the following products to the Metal and Mining industry:

Cable Protection Equipment

• Cable buns

• Rope brakes

• Cable support blocks

• Cable crossovers

• Portable cable crossovers

Mining Trailers

• Sand spreaders

• Mine trailers up to 400 tons

• Tow truck attachments

• Water tankers

Tire Handler, Tire Press & Heavy Equipment Jacks

• Jacks – hydraulic and air/hydraulic

• Tire / Tyre manipulators

• Tire / Tyre handlers

• Tire / Tyre press

Cable Reelers

Safety Equipment

Covering all aspects of business decision making, we provide solutions for:

  • Executive decision makers who must form long-term business strategies and investment decisions
  • Raw materials providers who need to identify and evaluate risk when selecting mine locations
  • Purchasers who need to procure materials for their products and services
  • Operational managers who need to stay abreast of the latest health and safety issues
  • Market advisors and financial investors looking for critical insight into market opportunities
  • Compliance officers who need to meet regulatory and environmental obligations