Engineering & Repair


The ever changing world of Industrial Electronics can provide constant obstacles in manufacturing facilities of all sizes.  That’s why you need a partner you can trust. Whether it be component level failure, element damage, software or firmware corruption….Mamco is here to help. We are a trusted partner for most of the top OEM’s, manufacturers and distributors in the world.

Because we refurbish and repair your entire electronic unit, not just the area of original failure, you have the confidence of knowing that your ENTIRE unit is covered with our industry leading 18 month in service warranty.

With our state of the art test equipment and computerized repair process, all repairs are evaluated, repaired and tested 100% prior to leaving our facility. Call us today and let us show you how to lower production costs by repairing your electronic equipment.


Mamco offers complete repair and maintenance services on today’s most advanced servo motors. Through our computerized repair procedures and factory trained servo technicians are able to completely diagnose and rebuild your servo motors. Whether we are repairing and replacing bearings, shafts, end-bells and armatures, or machining and fabricating parts, we provide the most effective service in the industry.

During the repair process, Mamco uses extensive test equipment and wave form diagnostics to ensure your servo motor is functioning within factory specifications and ready to provide you with years of valuable service.


Mamco offers the greatest range of AC/DC motor repair capabilities available in the industry. From fractional horsepower up to 10,000 horsepower, we are equipped to handle all your motor repair needs.

At Mamco, all motors undergo extensive evaluation prior to any work beginning. All damaged, worn, or out of specification parts are replaced during the rebuilding process.

  • Our motor technicians are experts in all types and sizes of windings.
  • Our machine shop allows for both machining and repair of damaged shafts, sleeves, end-bells and motor housings.

Once your motor is repaired, trained technicians use equipment such as Dynomometers, core loss, surge testers, AC/DC Hipot, and computerized balancing equipment to ensure all factory specifications are exceeded and your motor is ready for consistent performance.


Mamco repairs, services and replaces all brands of hydraulic valves, pumps, cylinders, motors and actuators.

No matter what failure your hydraulics or pneumatics encounter, our factory trained hydraulic technicians are at your service. From minor seal replacements to complete overhauls, our fluid power specialists resurface all contact points and replace bearings and seals with only the best parts available on the market.

All hydraulics undergo extensive testing, including pressure tolerance and specification checks so that your facility’s hydraulics will be working efficiently for years to come.


Mamco consulting services are proven to reduce cost while streamlining process and plant performance.

  • Improve production
  • Consolidation of multiple vendors
  • Increase reliability / uptime
  • Increase life cycle of equipment and much more

Whether you’re interested in a site assessment for your facilities or a full outsourced maintenance engagement, give us a call today and discover why some of the most efficient manufacturers in the world choose GES for their consulting needs.

On-Site Assessment
Our on-site assessment services will provide your staff with an independent view of your plants’ operations. Our team of experts will analyze your plants facilities and provide you with areas of immediate opportunity for improvement in your manufacturing process and purchasing performance.

Purchase Analysis
Whether you’re looking to decrease MRO spending or just to have a better view of how your departments can save money, our purchase analysis experts can help.

Performance & Reliability Management
At Mamco, our reliability engineers have optimized production and decreased downtime for manufacturing plants around the globe. From predictive maintenance schedules to full machine refurbishing, Mamco performance and reliability management has you covered.

Asset Management
With a Mamco Asset Management programs, your manufacturing plants will be able to reduce warehousing costs, eliminate multiple orders and decrease overall spending while providing an asset strategy that works. From leaving your plant with a strategic plan to use as a road map for improvement, to complete storeroom management with Mamco Asset Employees working full-time in your plant, we have you covered.

Outsourced Maintenance
Is your facility struggling to maintain consistent production uptime?  Can’t seem to increase reliability?  Mamco outsourced maintenance may provide the answer.  Allow us to train, improve and even staff your maintenance department.