BioChem Bio-T Solsafe 245 – 15 oz. Aerosol (12 per Case)



Bio-T SolSafe 245 – 15 oz. Aerosol (12 per Case)

The Ultimate Solvent for Industrial and Precision Cleaning

• High Solvency (106 kb)
• High Flash Point (145ºF)
• High Dielectric Strength (54,000 v/cm)
• No residue
• Light, clean scent
• Non-Aqueous

SolSafe’s Full-Strength (106 kb) Formulation Effectively Removes:
• carbon
• cosmoline
• flux
• grease and oil
• polishing compounds
• tar
• adhesives
• other tough contaminants

SolSafe 245 Is Safe For Precision Parts. It Dries Residue-free, Making It The Ideal Cleaner Prior To:
• assembly
• packaging
• painting
• coating
• bonding
• plating
• machining
• polishing

It Is A Compatible Replacement In:
• hand wipe applications
• immersion cleaning
• recirculating tanks
• spray tanks
• parts washers
• ultrasonic tanks

SolSafe 245 Is Highly Effective In:
• removing heavy carbon from electrical transformers
• removing cosmoline from metal surfaces
• removing adhesive residue, tape and stickers from metal, wood , plastic, or glass surfaces
• removing grease, oil, flux, and tar from metal and plastic surfaces
• preparing surfaces for painting, coating, bonding, plating, and polishing
• removing polishing compound from optical quality mirrors and other glass surfaces

SolSafe 245 Lowers Cleaning Costs.
SolSafe 245 is economical. Its multi-purpose formulation reduces cleaning agent inventory.SolSafe 245’s lower evaporation rate allows it to remain on the cleaning surface longer. And its full-strength cleaning power will not harm delicate surfaces.

Reduce Concerns About Safety, The Environment, and Regulations.
SolSafe 245’s proprietary formulation is safe for employees and the environment. It’s light, clean scent makes it the choice over strong, petroleum, or heavy terpene odors. SolSafe 245 is partially bio-degradable, reducing environmental impact.

Components of SolSafe 245 do not appear on any of the EPA’s lists of toxic or hazardous substances. With a flash point of 145ºF (TCC), SolSafe 245 is not considered hazardous for shipping by ground or air according to IATA and U.S. DOT regulations. In storage, SolSafe 245 is considered a Class III Acombustible liquid by current OSHA (29 CFR 1910) regulations.

Available in economical sizes:
– 15-oz. aerosol can (12 per case)
– 1-gallon containers
– 5- and 55-gallon containers
– tote and tanker quantities by request.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in