Bio T Graffiti Buster



Graffiti Buster

Environmentally safe, Full Strength Graffiti Removal Product

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive

Graffiti Buster II
Graffiti Buster II is a highly effective surface contaminant removal product designed for elimination of unsightly or unwanted paint, crayon, magic marker, etc., graffiti or “tag” marks on glass, unfinished metal, factory applied metal finishes, brick, concrete and masonry substrates. Based upon a unique blend of environmentally safe solvents, emulsifiers and surfactants, Graffiti Buster II is completely biodegradable, nontoxic, safe for human contact and yet easy to use and highly effective on even the most difficult applications. The product is available in a variety of convenient to use containers.

Graffiti Buster II is effective and safe on surfaces such as:

  • bus stop shelters
  • newspaper vending
  • machines
  • signs
  • bathrooms
  • phone booths
  • elevators
  • benches
  • exterior & interior walls

Safe and Effective
Graffiti Buster II is an effective, industrial-strength graffiti remover, yet safe for workers and for the environment. Formulated from biodegradable terpenes, Graffiti Buster II poses no threat to workers or the environment because it is developed from natural nontoxic substances.

Application instructions:
Graffiti Buster II is designed for easy application and to discourage the proliferation and repeatability of graffiti.

1) painted or polished metal substrates:

  • apply Graffiti Buster II in a liberal coat (2-3 mils) to the contaminated surface by spray
  • allow product to rest on surface for at least 30 seconds but no more than 2 minutes–if product dries on surface repeat application.
  • Some forms of graffiti may require a slight scrubbing action for effective first time removal. In these instances a sponge, paper towel or lint free cotton towel is suggested and we recommend an even and light action. DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC SCRUB PADS, STEEL WOOL OR ANY ABRASIVE BRUSHES.
  • rinse with clean water and repeat application if necessary.

2) masonry, brick, natural stone and concrete aggregate substrates:

  • apply by any method; spray is preferred to a thickness of 5-6 mils.
  • allow product to rest on surface for at least 2 minutes–if product dries on surface repeat the application.
  • rinse with clean water using moderate to high water pressure.

CAUTION: Do not apply to asphalt surfaces! Shadowing may appear on painted surfaces. This can be removed by buffing with a clean soft towel. This phenomenon will also self correct as the surface stabilizes several days after product application.

All Bio T cleaner/degreasers are natural and biodegradable, which means worker and environmental safety are not compromised.

Available in:

  • 17 ounce aerosol cans (12 per case)

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